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The Stay You Podcast

Rashad Young

Hello everybody and welcome to The Stay You Podcast! I am your host, Rashad Young. I'm twenty-four years old and from St.Louis, Missouri. I am an author and have aspirations of reaching my fullest potential to all the things I put my mind too. I believe that the greatest gift to the human experience is through service and giving time to others. The art of sharing knowledge and sharing experiences is crucial to expanding help within the human experience. I hope that my sharing of information on this platform can create a form of light for you and your life. You might be wondering what this podcast is about, and how will this podcast change my life? As you continue to go through the journey of this podcast with me, you will start to realize the greatness that is within each of us. As individuals, finding our purpose in this world can be difficult, and understanding the importance of this life can be challenging. On this podcast, I hope that this podcast can provide clarity as you move forward on this journey. The reason why this podcast is called The Stay You Podcast is that the primary focus of this podcast is for you to understand who you are and love yourself for who you are. This podcast is for those who want to change their mindset of the past and create their reality to higher heights. I thank you all for the support. Stay You

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